-Bring it on, Wolverine! This Marvel Legends Super Villains Lady Deathstrike 6-Inch Action Figure is chock full of evil and comes with a fun build-a-figure piece to help you construct a large Xemnu figure! Yuriko Oyama features multiple points of articulation and is ready to take on the X-Men or any other figures in your collection. Don't miss her!

-Collect all these 6-inch scale Marvel Legends Super Villains action figures - Red Skull, The Hood, Lady Deathstrike, Arcade, A.I.M. Scientist Supreme, and Dormammu - and build your own large Xemnu figure! Figures sold separately, or get them all (plus Dr. Doom) in the Marvel Legends Villains 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 Case.

-With adamantium-infused bones and cyber-generic enhancements, Yuriko Oyama pursues a ruthless vendetta against the X-Men... and Wolverine in particular.

Villains Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Lady Deathstrike Action Figure

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