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About Us

          Welcome to Clockwork Collectibles! A Veteran owned and operated licensed business out of Los Angeles, CA. What started as a passion for collecting action figures, evolved into what we have today. Clockwork Collectibles started in 2018, when I was deployed to Iraq. During my down time, I spent my time browsing Facebook groups and eBay for collectibles I had growing up and lost over the years, to add to my personal collection back home. Realizing that the collecting world had evolved into a massive online community, I wanted to get more involved. I started a store on eBay and an instagram to be more in touch with the community. Realizing there were too many stipulations and restrictions on eBay, I decided to open an online store. The main goal for me is to provide a personalized experience when hunting, and keeping the prices as low as possible. Clockwork Collectibles is not the best, since big name stores have an advantage, but that will not deter me nor stop me from serving the community. 


          Special shout out to Bryant (@MCUCOLLECTOR24), Sergio (@SERGIO.THECOLLECTOR), and my friends at Toying Around x Hype Faction (@TAxHF) for their unconditional and overwhelming support, which played a big part in our growing process. A very special thank you to all of our fans and costumers, who have made all this possible for me. We hope to continue serving you in the many years to come!


Carlos Torres

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